What is the Hatfield Strap?

The Hatfield Strap is a new, more effective way to stretch the arch of the foot and your entire leg.

This new revolutionary stretching device far surpasses the benefits from traditional stretching, and is perfect for athletes and those suffering from Plantar fasciitis.

Keith Hatfield

Keith Hatfield, Inventor of the Hatfield Strap.

The Hatfield Strap was developed out of my necessity, I have Plantar fasciitis. I have purchased many devices to stretch the foot and calf, but I felt like part of my foot just wasn’t getting the stretch it should be getting. After looking at all items/devices available that were linked to the treatment of Plantar fasciitis I saw a gap in how the foot/calf is stretched. I ordered the material and cut and sewed it together, the first time I put it on and stretched I felt the stretch right where I wanted it, all the way down the arch of the foot. Everyone that tries the Hatfield Strap feels that stretch right away.

Here’s how it works:

The foot strap is 4” wide and covers the width of most people’s feet, by bringing the force from under the foot, this spreads the force of the stretch across the entire width of the foot to simulate the same stretch you get when standing (like an incline board, wall stretch, or Pro Stretch/Rocker Stretch) but you don’t have all of your weight on the foot while being stretched.

The handles are attached to the outside of the foot strap, this gives a greater pull from the big toe all the way to the little toe. There is a device similar to the Hatfield Strap that has a 2” strap attached at the center of the foot strap, so when you pull you really feel it in your 2nd and 3rd toe, but not the others.

The strap’s pull force comes from the heel to the toes, many straps come across the ball of the foot and pulls the foot back without pulling the toes back. Pulling the toes back gives that incredible stretch of the arch which is made up of the plantar fascia.

The leverage you have when pulling on the strap is made easier with the large rigid handles, when you compare to other devices on the market, they simply stitch a loop in the strap material. So the harder you pull the more your hand gets squeezed.

If you lay back and pull the leg up while stretching the calf a person can get the best hamstring stretch possible. Even better than if someone else was doing the stretch for them. At the same time you always control the stretch.

One primary thing that sets this device apart from other stretching devices on the market is the Hatfield Shoulder Strap.

The shoulder strap fits around the shoulder and under the opposite arm (or it can simply go around your upper back behind both shoulders) then loops through the handles of the foot strap. You simply lean back and you have a real leverage advantage using your body weight and core back muscles to perform the stretch. A person can literally relax while performing the stretch. So, there is very little effort with a very effective stretch. Many physicial therapists are touting long stretch (five minutes) with low resistance (you control the stretch) and the shoulder strap allows a person to have that stretch for the five minute span of time without fatigue or letting up on the force.

The Hatfield Sit Strap

Hatfield Sit Strap

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The Hatfield Calf Strap

Hatfield Calf Strap

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Hatfield Shoulder Strap

Hatfield Shoulder Strap

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  • The Detroit Runner

    “It’s really a unique feeling that you cannot duplicate on any other type of exercise or product I’ve seen out there in the market.”

  • Sports Product Review

    “If you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, The Hatfield Strap is a must-have.”

  • Men's Fitness

    “Get an awesome hamstrings stretch!”

  • The Detroit Runner

    “I’ve never been able to get my foot to stretch out like this through a more traditional stretch.”

  • Sports Product Review

    “If you’re an athlete looking to keep your leg muscles at their explosive peak, it is a necessity.”

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