The Hatfield Strap Review

About a month ago, I received the Hatfield Strap for review and have been testing it ever since.

Here’s what I received:

The Hatfield Strap™

Essentially the strap is a device to help you stretch to keep you running. It targets the calf and foot and is especially good for people with plantar fasciitis. While I don’t have plantar fasciitis, it’s still good for anyone looking to stretch their legs/feet. My opinion is that by using this to stretch, it helps prevent injuries. While I cannot attest to it fixing injuries, I’ve always found that stretching helps get you back out there running.

The strap comes with two parts. The first is a long black strap with handles as you can see below called the sit strap. You actually sit on the four inch wide strap. The handles help you pull on your foot to stretch it. The quality of the strap is excellent. You can certainly tell the company takes pride in their product and makes sure to give their client quality.

Here’s a picture from their website showing how the strap is used:


The handles help give you more leverage on your foot. It’s really a unique feeling that you cannot duplicate on any other type of exercise or product I’ve seen out there in the market. The unit comes with instructions but I found that the video’s on their website were also very useful.

Hatfield Strap™ Handles DSC_0046 Hatfield Strap™ Buckles

With the shoulder strap, all you have to do is lean your body back and let the weight of your body do all the work. This makes it very easy to stay in a stretch for a longer time period without the rest of your body becoming fatigued and prevents you from possibly hurting other areas. The design of the strap is such that it allows the strap to do all the work AND target the foot which I think is very useful. I had to put much less effort into the stretch while getting much more out of it.

I was amazed by the amount of leverage the shoulder strap makes for the stretch of the foot. I’ve never been able to get my foot to stretch out like this through a more traditional stretch. As I said, I don’t suffer from plantar fasciitis, but I certainly can feel how good this strap makes my feet feel and can tell how much the foot is getting a good workout. I certainly thing the Hatfield strap would be a worthwhile investment, especially for anyone with foot issues.

There is another piece called the calf strap(shown on the middle picture above) in order to stretch your calf, however, I did not receive this for review so I cannot comment on that stretch.

You can get the Sit Strap and Should strap together like what I reviewed for $42 total on their website. Not a bad price at all for this quality product and I imagine, if you are like me, anything that keeps you running and helps you from being injured is worth it. You can add the calf strap for a total of $90 for all three.

Interested in learning more?

Visit the Hatfield Strap website.

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I think you will find you won’t be disappointed with this great tool especially for runners with plantar fasciitis who are finding the traditional stretch is not working as well for them.

Have a great day and….Keep Running!!!!

Detroit Runner


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  • The Detroit Runner

    “It’s really a unique feeling that you cannot duplicate on any other type of exercise or product I’ve seen out there in the market.”

  • Sports Product Review

    “If you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, The Hatfield Strap is a must-have.”

  • Men's Fitness

    “Get an awesome hamstrings stretch!”

  • The Detroit Runner

    “I’ve never been able to get my foot to stretch out like this through a more traditional stretch.”

  • Sports Product Review

    “If you’re an athlete looking to keep your leg muscles at their explosive peak, it is a necessity.”

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