Plantar Fasciitis

The main treatments for Plantar fasciitis is stretching the icing on the little toe curls. A podiatrist may prescribe injections or wearing a Plantar fasciitis splint at night are all areas that help treat Plantar fasciitis but still, the most effective treatment is stretching.

You can use an incline board, you can use a pro-stretch or the rocker stretch which is a generic form of the pro-stretch or you can stretch against a wall – the traditional calf stretch. None of these stretches are as effective at getting the arch of the foot stretch along with the calf as the Hatfield Strap.

I have Plantar fasciitis, and I tried all of these things and nothing stretches where I need to feel that stretch. When I made the Hatfield Strap and tried it, it got it right where it needed to be stretched, and you feel it more in the foot than with any other calf stretch.

The Hatfield Sit Strap

Hatfield Sit Strap

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The Hatfield Calf Strap

Hatfield Calf Strap

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Hatfield Shoulder Strap

Hatfield Shoulder Strap

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  • The Detroit Runner

    “It’s really a unique feeling that you cannot duplicate on any other type of exercise or product I’ve seen out there in the market.”

  • Sports Product Review

    “If you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, The Hatfield Strap is a must-have.”

  • Men's Fitness

    “Get an awesome hamstrings stretch!”

  • The Detroit Runner

    “I’ve never been able to get my foot to stretch out like this through a more traditional stretch.”

  • Sports Product Review

    “If you’re an athlete looking to keep your leg muscles at their explosive peak, it is a necessity.”

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